Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2010 Allen Ginters are here!!!!!!!

Hello to anybody reading! This is my first blog post on here, and I can't promise it is going to be anything special because I have never done blogs before, but I wanted to enter Gint-a-Cuffs this year and decided to create this, so here we go...

I just picked up my first box of 2010 Allen Ginter and was ecstatic! I slowly went pack-by-pack admiring the new cards finding all the little hidden details within.

In my rookie card collecting opinion, I chose four of 111 baseball base cards I pulled as favorites. I picked them because of the pictures/colors and not because of the players. Here they are in no particular order...
- Ryan Doumit (313)-- I love the coloring and the indication that the bright sun is shining while playing the great game of baseball. Doumit has his black eye paint on and his body armor reflects the sun's rays capturing my attention immediately. what a nice looking card!
- Nick Markakis (274)-- Pulling his hands in to crush the ball and revealing his jersey with the full name displayed on the back and the fine details down to every jersey wrinkle makes this card look crisp and clean.
- Justin Morneau (191)-- I love the angle of the Morneau card and the dirty look to his uniform that provides shading while he grips the bat in one hand. The detail is great on this card.
- Albert Pujols (127)-- The greatest player in baseball crouched down ready to pounce on any ball crushed to him, with the tongue sticking out and the trademark chain around his neck dangling. What a fantastic card, you can even see the 2009 All- Star patch on his left sleeve for St. Louis!

Now that I pointed out my favorite base cards I pulled, I want to mention one card I was thoroughly disappointed in, the Shawn Johnson base card! I became a Shawn Johnson fan watching the Olympics and I was thrilled to pull her card, but she looks very strange, like she is wearing a blonde wig. The brown background looks strange with the light blue/green card and her purple clothing.

Anyways, I'll move on to the hits...
First hit I opened was a bat card of Robinson Cano. He is a definate All-Star and a great player so I was happy with that card.
Second was an Adam Jones bat card.

I pulled my first RIP CARD!! I was bouncing off the walls! It is a James Loney #/99. Nothing extremely great, but I don't care, that is what I was hoping for! I thought there was no way I could pull a Rip Card, but I did. (I have not opened it yet, but I am planning on it).

I also got 2 black border minis and 5 AG mini backs.

What a fantastic box!

Leave me feedback if you want, I'm just curious if anybody is actually going to read this.


P.S. I do not have scans yet, hopefully I can get all those done tomorrow before the next box arrives Thursday/Friday.